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A Business Litigator Focused On Cost-Effective, Timely Solutions

Every business must be on its guard against exposure to disputes that can escalate and cause real financial and reputational damage. Owners and managers of small to mid-sized businesses in the Los Angeles area can turn to Arc Point Law in Calabasas for prevention or resolution of conflicts inside a business or challenges from outside. I also represent individuals and organizations in conflict with businesses.

I am business law attorney Mark D. Piesner, the founder and lead attorney of this law firm. I started the firm after serving as an executive in companies in California, Oregon and Washington. In that position, I realized how difficult it can be for smaller businesses – and those doing business with them – to find and select legal counsel. I determined to provide such services myself. Dispute resolution is a significant part of my law practice.

Is Your Business Or Employment Threatened By A Legal Challenge?

If we work together to resolve your business-related conflicts, I will take on the role of your partner in the determined pursuit of the most favorable and cost-effective outcome. I help businesses solve problems during the formation process as well as confront litigation that arises at any point of their life cycles. My clients may be plaintiffs or defendants on any side of a conflict.

My clients can count on me to protect their bottom line along with their legal standing in matters such as the following:

  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Employee contract disputes
  • Licensing agreement disputes
  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Corporate transaction disputes

I also represent employees in conflict with businesses of all sizes in cases of discrimination, employee rights violations, wrongful termination and defamation.

Inquiries Welcome From Business Owners, Employees And Others

Whatever business dispute you face that requires a lawyer’s assistance to resolve, I welcome the opportunity to explain how I can be the one for the job. Clients call me responsible, reliable and, above all else, trustworthy.

To schedule a consultation with me about your business dispute – regardless of your role in the matter – call 877-885-7859 or send an email inquiry. I pledge to give your concerns the attention they deserve.