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Do I need legal counsel for my start-up

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Business Formation & Planning |

If you are on the brink of beginning the process of organizing and launching a California start-up enterprise, you undoubtedly have a myriad of key questions. Among them like are queries about what types of professionals you should retain in the formation and launch process. For example, you may wonder whether and when you should retain legal counsel to assist with the launch of your start-up. The short answer is “yes” and there are a number of reasons why this is the case.

Retain legal counsel proactively

The idea that you should wait until you have launched your venture to retain legal counsel is a dire fallacy. The fact is that you should retain a capable, creative and experienced attorney with a background in business formation and planning before you begin the process of deciding what the form of legal organization for the venture. A seasoned lawyer is invaluable in addressing critical legal issues during the formation process.

Legal business law generalist versus or focused representation

In considering retaining legal representation for your start-up, you also need to make a decision as to whether an attorney with a general background in business formation and planning fits the bill or whether your venture needs legal representation from a lawyer with industry-specific experience. There are some start-ups that are well-served by an attorney with a broad background in business law. On the other hand, if you are launching in a more unique or specialized industry, you might want to contemplate retaining legal counsel that has worked with enterprises similar to your own.

Many reputable California attorneys with a background in business formation and planning offer no-obligation and no-cost initial consultations. This will provide you an opportunity to consider possible legal counsel in person before making a final decision regarding representation.